Industry Experts

Gain Recognition as an Authority in Your Field with Your Own Book Chapter

Our special paperback publication, Top Industry Experts, draws attention to the most accomplished and experienced professionals in the WWDP® network.

A powerful platform for recognition and inspiring educational resource, each edition highlights 101 of these remarkable individuals with their own personalized chapter. The book is filled with comprehensive biographies of the handpicked clients who span a wide range of occupations and comprise both actively employed and retired industry veterans. It also contains exclusive interviews with each expert where they share insights and information about their careers while revealing the diverse paths they have taken to achieve success.

Being selected for Top Industry Experts is an affirmation of your high level of commitment and contributions to your profession. A feature in this top-tier sampling of our Registry helps you to broaden your connections and expand your credibility, as more people will become aware of your impact in your field. Building up your expert status also opens the door to new career and business opportunities, as others begin to actively seek out your wisdom, expertise and services.

Featured experts receive multiple copies of the publication to distribute to their personal and professional contacts. For added exposure, they also receive a custom-made webpage on the official Top Industry Experts website at Their robust online profile displays their full-color photo, contact information, and excerpts from the biographical narrative and Q&A interview included in their book chapter.

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